The Tradition of Storytelling

One of my favorite images is that of people sitting around a campfire and sharing stories. This is more than just a fun thing to do when camping. For generations, many cultures have had the tradition of storytelling in both formal and informal group settings. When lessons are told in the form of a […]

My Summer Vacation

There are things that everyone can learn about themselves in practically every situation.

Of course, when you’re having a great time you don’t really think about it in the moment.

This summer was a challenging summer, but fantastic. It had all aspects of life.  Birth, death, pain, joy, suffering, and growth.

It’s not often that so much […]

How I spent my the time with my family

A family vacation started wonderfully but eventually the stresses of travel got to all of us.

I had a wonderful time camping with my bf.

It made me realize that nature is wonderful, and having been living in the city most recently, I realized how peaceful it is in the redwoods.



By Guest Contributor Kim


Welcome to Family Snippets!

Family Snippets is a place where people can find wisdom from the life lessons of others and record important events or observations about their own life.
Family Snippets was created with the understanding that all of us would like to share important learnings from our time here. For generations, long before the advent of the […]