By Guest Author Richard Kronenberg

Because I’ve been victimized by petty thieves stealing my laptop bag, backpack and other belongings, I’ve learned to be constantly aware of my surroundings and belongings.

Here’s some tips I have for everyone, whether children or adults.

1. Take a quick look around periodically when walking in an unknown area.
2. Don’t have your face stuck in your phone.
3. Keep your belongings close to your body or your hands around them.
4. Get used to swiveling your head periodically.
5. Don’t stare at strangers, but do make them know that your are aware of them.
6. Keep away from dark areas, alleys, and deserted spots.
7. Pretend to be talking on the phone while looking at a suspicious person, so they’ll know you can alert someone right away if something happens.

If you have children, it’s good to start teaching them to be aware of their surroundings from a young age, so by the time they are teenagers it will be second nature.

It’s not that they should be paranoid or live in fear, but rather it’s a general awareness of what’s going on, good and bad, around us.