One of my favorite images is that of people sitting around a campfire and sharing stories. This is more than just a fun thing to do when camping. For generations, many cultures have had the tradition of storytelling in both formal and informal group settings. When lessons are told in the form of a dramatic story they can be both a source of entertainment for youth as well as an important way to teach.

Storytelling is a great way to communicate important lessons and wisdom about life. But in our modern digital lives today, it is easy to lose the ability to capture and share life lessons. We are bombarded by external stimuli which can make it difficult to learn in a relaxed setting.

Native American Indian tribes are noted for this practice.  The tribal elders would share the wisdom of their life lessons with the young tribe members.  These lessons included not native-american-82449_1280only their own, but those that had been passed down for generations. In this way, not only would the culture and values of the tribe be passed down, but practical lessons and tips about living a good life were also taught.

Many stories are told with fictional characters and even with animals who can speak or communicate with humans. The lessons, or ‘moral of the story,’ told from such fables often was left implicit for the listener or reader to figure out. It also provided the opportunity for the story teller to relate the moral to the real life situation of the youth.

In our modern world today, there are many ways to teach things. Youtube is a fantastic medium for people to record their expertise, wisdom and advice to teach the world. However, it can be difficult to organize such wisdom so that it is available to in the best situation and at the best time for youths to learn.

What other ways have you found to capture and share your life lessons?